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Danai Kougiouli

Founder & Yoga Teacher


After spending over ten years in London, UK where she has taught at London's most prestigious studios and has created strong bonds with numerous students who she has taught privately, Danai, now living in NYC, is pursuing her passion of helping people emotionally and physically through the ancient practices of yoga. 

She has studied Psychology (BSc, Msc) and has worked both in the clinical and corporate worlds. She is 800-hour certified, after completing the Jivamukti yoga teacher training in New York directly under Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Inspired by her three young children and the ways she has been sharing the practices of yoga & meditation with them, she founded The Yoga Generation, aiming to help and inspire raise the real yoga generation!


Meet our team of yoga teachers.

Melody Hekmat
Nicola Muir
Emily Lacy

Yoga Teacher

Melody’s Yoga journey began at the age of 20 at her local gym. She then spent the next few years exploring different yoga disciplines including Ashtanga, Iyengar, bikram and Kundalini.

She was introduced to the practice of Jivamukti by a friend and After practicing it regularly for 7 years Melody became a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, gaining 800 hours qualification.

Practicing exclusively at London centre for years has deepened her appreciation and passion for this wonderful method. This unique approach has provided her with strong physical practice as well as emotional and mental wellbeing and a deeper understanding between the body and mind connection.  

She strongly believes on the potential of yoga to energise, empower and transform everyones life. 

Her intention is to motivate and challenge her students to go pass the limitations of their minds, to have fun and to become more present in their bodies.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Nicola’s mum introduced her to yoga and mediation aged 12. After hanging up her ballet shoes, Nicola began teaching yoga classes to her fellow students whilst studying English at university in Oxford and Dublin. In 2005 she encountered Jivamukti Yoga in London, and she trained as a Jivamukti teacher in 2007, gaining her Advanced Certificate in February 2014. Nicola is qualified to teach children and cancer care patients. She also has years of personal development experience, and her classes are well regarded for their compassionate, grounded, and uplifting qualities. 


In her early 20s Emily was fortunate enough to travel the world whilst working as a fitness trainer. Each day she found herself surrounded by fresh air, nature, a new beautiful country and constant interaction with people all of which she loved. It wasn’t until later on in her 20s she came across Jivamukti yoga and all became apparent. She immediately related to the physical discipline but it was the chanting and the ancient spiritual teachings that really resonated with her. “The beauty of the world I had experienced and am now immersed in was brought into context- the oneness of being”

Emily is known for her generous teaching style and down to earth approach. She completed the Jivamukti training in 2012 and has recently completed her 500+hr apprenticeship programme under the guidance of Pashenka Gribbin (advanced certified teacher) who has been a true inspiration.



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